Saturday, 11 June 2011

What do you wear to interviews...

Ah the life of a graduate. Freedom and all that jazz. Well, I spent the better part of three years in eager anticipation to finish university and the moment I 'finished' felt like a giant cumulonimbus cloud of doom assended on me raining down the pressure of finding a job! Yes I am job hunting. The CV is down. The CV is good. (Someone from Stella McCartney said it was impressive FYI. Unfortunately they don't take graduates for internships. Blast!)

In my opinion it's the pesky cover letter that is the hardest. In some ways it's the be all and end all of clinching your potential employer's imagination. Have the best CV in the world but if you drone on like a grumpy grumpus it's a sure fire way of your time and effort going straight to the trash can! Quirky cover letters, Mature cover letters, short and sweet cover letters - how do you ever know which route to take?

Well enough of that, we are all in the same boat sooner or later i'm sure! If you have been there, I would appreciate your advice! My friend Kirsty has secured a few interviews within Garment Technology and as the usual 'what do I wear' conversation came up - which it normally does when i'm around - she suggested I did a blog post of possible interview outfits! Amazing idea I thought! So here we are, outfit suggestions for mainly Fashion interviews.

Kirsty has been applying to roles that are more casual than most! Sportswear/loungewear - so I thought something with a pop of colour to lighten the mood. Jersey instantly brings a casual feel to an outfit, brogues give a hint of formality - but not too much! Thus creating the perfect balance!

(All Topshop. I do shop elsewhere I promise)

The coloured trouser is definitely THE thing for spring and summer. A pink or coral are lovely cheerful colours, they say the most important thing to do in an interview is smile. How could you not smile wearing these beauties!

(Shirt Desire Clothing, Trousers Zara)

Something a bit more chic perhaps? I love a pop of colour. My friend Sara went for an interview at New Look just after we finished uni. Wearing bright purple trousers, a silk turquoise vest, and a hot pink blazer. She got the job on the spot and is now a Buyer for the company! Colour blocking for the not so daringly colourful. In love with these trousers from Zara.

(Heels Asos, Flats Topshop, Top Topshop, Trousers Zara)

Second thoughts for teaming those boots with this outfit, maybe a Mary-Jane would have sufficed! I just can't get enough of those ASOS Ames boots! The rest of the outfit? Hubba hubba. Those trousers - can i get a bum shot please? Potentially great for the behind I imagine! Plus a leopard sheer shirt. Can't go wrong there! Do make sure you're comfortable though.

(Boots ASOS, Trousers ASOS, Shirt Topshop)

A mis-match of chicness. Wear how you will. I am merely here for inspirational purposes! I heart Whistles. This coral River Island skirt is a dead ringer for the 'Carrie' Skirt. That with the leather trim tee would be trés chic, non? Jumpsuit if appropriate, likewise with trousers. What's perfect is the cropped shrug/jacket - need to get me one of those babies! Oh, and the boots s'il vous plait!

(Jacket Topshop, Top Whistles, Boots ASOS, Skirt River Island, Jumpsuit and trousers Miss Selfridge)

So that's just a few bits and bobs I thought would work. Delete as appropriate! I hope you get inspiration from it! The most important thing to remember is to stay comfortable - and I would advice a 'dress rehearsal' I wore a new dress to an interview once. When I sat down the dress was hell of a lot shorter than it was standing up. Just saying.

What you saying kids?

Amelia xo


Anonymous said...

brilliant post!! im in the same position as you!! only its mega hard for me because ive come from and english degree trying to get into fashion, even with head office experience im majorly struggling!!

Good Luck!!


Sarah said...

In exactly the same boat as you my dear!

SquidgeMundo said...

Im loving your 'chic' outfit! Chinos are so perfect for interviews! Great post :) x

tog_girl said...

love the selection!

Ellie said...

Very helpful post- love it!!! XXX

Anonymous said...

These are great! I always wear all black to interview in.