Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Queen Bey behind the times?

We all watched and drooled at Beyoncé's Glastonbury 2011 performance on Sunday - I wasn't at Glastonbury but I watched from my sofa, fascinated by her every move in that glamourific sequin adorned outfit. Which I have discovered is from the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection of French designer Alexandre Vauthier*.

Alexandre Vauthier. Autumn/Winter 2010.

L-R: Beyoncé at Glastonbury, and on new album cover '4'.

Beyoncé - it's not winter, and it's not 2010. Yet frankly, I don't care because you are mind numbingly awesome - and lets face it a spangly gold sequin number can be carried through to all seasons if you are the hottest woman on earth. Alas, you have redeemed your style status with later appearances in London in your beautiful brights a la Spring/Summer 2011's hottest trend.

So there is my obligatory Beyoncé is amazing post. Did you watch the performance? Did you looooooooove it?

Amelia xo

*Alexandre Vauthier is a Paris based designer who has worked for the likes of Thierry Mugler and Jean Paul Gaultier.


Sarah said...

she was amazingggggg! so was the outfit!

Sophie B said...

I think I may try to make myself one of those jackets. SO BEAUT

Miss Dolly said...

I watched just mere feet from her ! She was incredible. x

Saif Imtiaz said...

I like your style.Your design is just awesome.However can you check my tiny Animal Planet
if you have time.Thank you so much

daisy kate said...

The gold dress/playsuit is just amazing! Amelia, your blog is like an actual magazine with your photo editing skills, I'm so envious!

Fashion Stereotype

Smeeeff said...

Both her and her outfit were outstanding! I was glued to the tv! xx

Filipa said...

I really don't love her as much as the others.. :P It makes me feel like there's something wrong with me haha!

SILVIA said...

beautiful style honey!!!great blog

SILVIA said...

beautiful style honey!!!great blog

Kat said...

Ah I watched Beyonce's performance in awe, what a star! Love her yellow looks :)


Sarah-Leigh said...

Oh I loooved it, and I love that tangerine peplem dress also! x

Georgia said...

Her hair reminds me of monica in that episode where the humidity drives her hair mad. xxx