Thursday, 16 June 2011

Helena Bonham-Carter for Marc Jacobs: 'Sick'...?

The images from Marc Jacobs' new campaign have been branded 'sick' by many a critic. Purely because her face has been adorned with measles fresh from the tip of a sharpie. Is this a clue to what new face of the brand, Bonham-Carter, has delivered?

Or is everyone just reading far to into it and it's a quirky metaphor for polka dots?

Amelia xo


Kristen said...

hmm...yea i have no idea whats going on with her face, i do love helena though

Laura. said...

I like the campaign, more interesting than using a pretty skinny twenty something.

Miss Dolly said...

I love these new campaigns - love Helena. I just think they're an exaggeration his polka dot laden collection x