Sunday, 12 June 2011

Outfit Advice...

Repeat of 'what do i wear to the look show' drama. Have some formal bits and pieces to attend to this week and need to look sophisticated ... whilst still looking like i write a fashion blog. I'm going to number the outfits, please comment with your favourites!

Outfit Number 1 - Similar shades colour blocked.
Number 2 - blocked and tie waist!

Outfit Number 3 - Blush nude tones.

Number 4 - sheer chic shirt.
Number 5 - drop hem shirt.

Number 6 - purple and teal.
Number 7 - orange stripe and teal.
Number 8 - cropped orange and teal.

My faves are 1, 3 , 5 and 8 so far! But I need a 2nd, 3rd or 50th opinion!

Absolutely horrendous photoshopping - i know! If you want to know where any of these bits are from tweet me :)


Jen said...

Number 5 definitely!!

jen xx

Sarah said...

Love number 3!

Charlene said...

Love the 1st one!

LaraLainThatsMyName said...

Number 2 dude! Be bold in brights! People will remember you more so if you're looking confident x

Emileigh said...

where are these teal trousers from? x